We got two Jet Boats went Water Skiing and had Fun on Vacation

On vacation we engaged in numerous fun sports that ranged from beach volleyball, football, boating, skiing,  soccer, to water polo. We sometimes cruise on the lake while we also fish for sport. All the fishes caught were normally returned back to the water since it was just for the fun of it.

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Jokers tethered the skis to the bar on the boat

Everybody had arrived at the lake separately, but as soon as we’d all gotten there, we made our way down to the beach as one big group. Dan and Megan had invited us all to come to check out their new jet boat, and we’d decided to make a day of it, so everyone had brought food and games and any other fun beach activity they thought we might enjoy.

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How I Won the Race


Jetboat racing has always been a part of my life since I was a kid. My dad has a lot of boats and has always been in the business of selling boats. He had a conversation trust with several boating construction companies, and his job was to help test and sell the boats that are being produced. He taught me everything I knew about piloting boats and many times we would test the boats that he wished to sell. Of all the boats he sold, the jet boat was my favorite.

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