I Revved My Blue Bullet Racing Jet Boat then Rooster Tail

“I swear to goodness, Ezra, if you take Little E out in that boat and he so much as gets a crick in his neck I’m going to divorce you faster than the Chick-Fil-A cashiers can say my pleasure,” Julie said, a hand on each hip but the faint semblance of a smile playing with the corner of her mouth.

Ezra chuckled and rubbed the back of Little E’s head. Julie had six kids, but only Little E was his own flesh and blood. Ezra would let nothing happen to his only son. The other five kids were all old enough to reject any coddling Julie desired to dish out, so she had long since given up on babying them. But Little E was still under ten, and that also made him the baby of the family.

“Mom, we’ll be fine,” Little E said, his buck teeth adding icing to the cake of innocence his frail body created.

Julie sighed. Though she spoke in jest, her concern was with merit. Little E was daring, more so then any other of her children had been, and he had six broken bones in four years to show for it. The trailer park they lived in was a breeding ground for all forms of mischief, and Little E seemed to find everyone.

“Yeah, babe. We’ll be fine. Plus, you know if we get divorced the only thing you’re getting out of the whole thing is a headache.”

“That’s about all your worth,” Julie said, showing her missing tooth as she smiled bigger.

Ezra pushed his prized blue boat out a little further into Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay, and Little E hopped into the passenger’s side. The jet boat had three seats, but none of the other kids were interested in riding with Dad. Jeremiah and Levi both had their own jet skis, and they were out on the lake already. Deborah stayed on the shore and played with the family dog, Kit. Samson and Samuel were both at home still, playing Call of Duty like they did every weekend.

The blue boat had been dubbed the Blue Bullet by the family.

Though they’d never taken it out racing, Ezra was convinced it would smoke any and all competition if it ever came down to it.

Shoving the boat out until he was knee deep in the water, Ezra climbed onto the hood and slid into the driver’s seat. He keyed the engine to a purr and steered it until it was facing out into open water. He let their momentum take them further out, and instead of blasting off from there he decided to show off a little. He left it in neutral and revved the engine, warming it up in the loudest possible way and smirking as Julie yelled at him from the shore.

“You’re going to blow the dang thing up!” she called, a look of worry on her face.

Little E was all giggles as Ezra continued to rev the engine. They drifted out further. The stale fishy smell of the lake at the end of the summer filled their nostrils. A light breeze coasted over the surface of the lake. The sun shone at full power without a cloud to block it, scattering twinkling diamonds across the blue water.

“And where’s your life jacket!” Julie yelled, cupping her hands to her mouth to ensure Ezra could hear her.

But the purr of the engine was too loud for him to make out what she was saying. He could hear that she was yelling something, but he pretended she was talking about how attractive he was with his shirt off. He had a bit of a base tan going, but most of it was concealed by the thick pelt of fur growing on his torso.

“Don’t tell your mother about this,” Ezra said, picking up the beer he had sequestered at his feet.

Little Ezra nodded but looked out over the water as Ezra continued to warm up the engine. The twin pipes situated up and over the rear spewed out puffs of white exhaust with every rev of the engine.

“You ready for this?” Ezra said with a grin to Little E. He set down his beer can.

Little E nodded and gripped his seat belt with both hands just like Ezra had shown him. Ezra revved the engine a little more before turning the boat so it would run parallel to the shore. The candy paint on the boat caught rays from the sun and gave it a brilliant twinkle. Taking a deep breath, Ezra gunned it.

Shooting forward like a bullet from a gun, the boat went airborne for a few seconds. Ezra glanced over his shoulder as his beer flew up and overboard. A thirty-foot spout of water shot up behind the boat and he smiled. Every other sound faded away as the engine roared.

The boat bounced along on the water and Ezra made sure Little E was doing okay. The ear-to-ear smile said he was having fun, and Ezra kept gunning it for a few more seconds before letting the boat even out. He drifted around before gunning it back, still running parallel to the shore.

Ezra eased the boat back toward the dock a bit faster than they had left.

“That was awesome!” Little Ezra said, tapping the side of the boat as they neared the shore. “Can we do it again? Please!” he finished, drawing out the last word.

“We’ll go for another pass after lunch.”

Back on the shore, Ezra helped Julie set up the food. She kept a slight grin on her face as they sat down to eat, nudging Little E when he had a mouth full of food.

“I don’t know, Ezra.” Julie started as Jeremiah and Levi brought their boats back and joined the rest of the family for food. “Little E looks like his head is crooked. He might have gotten injured.”

“No!” Little E said, mouth still full of food. He smiled big again and swallowed. “I feel great. We’re going out again as soon as we finish eating!”

Ezra smirked and shrugged. Julie shook her head but kept smiling as well, and the family ate with high spirits and good cheer.

Jet Boat Rooster Tail

Jet boats go fast, make noise and spit out a ton of water. A rooster tail is the jet of water roaring out of the back of a boat. Jet boats with a rooster tail suck up water and then push out with force to propel the boat instead of using a propeller to move the vessel forward. The rooster tail in jet boats is a cool attention getter.

Jet boats go fast, make noise and spit out a ton of water. A rooster tail is the jet of water roaring out of the back of a boat. Jet boats with a rooster tail suck up water and then push out with force to propel the boat instead of using a propeller to move the vessel forward. The rooster tail in jet boats is a cool attention getter.

The discovery of jet boat rooster tail is said to be a byproduct of developing an enhancement product for a surf wave. My guess is it was intended to be a reverse hydrofoil that can pull the stern deeper into the water instead of pushing it down using ballast.

The Dangers of Jet Boat Rooster Tail
It has its benefits and drawbacks. It has the potential to tick some people off especially in main channels with a lot of cross channel traffic and speed channel. Jet boats with a rooster tail will also be less desired by people who live in coves with lots of homes. Jet boat rooster tails can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of damage so you should exercise some caution when doing this. A jet boat rooster tail may look cool, but in an actual sense, it is not an effective way to run your boat. It is essential to keep your drive trimmed for the type of boating you are doing. In theory, the higher up you run your trim, the faster you will bounce and go. The goal here is to have the thrust pushing your jet boat forward and not up or down.

What Causes a Rooster Tail?
If your boat is a typical boat and not a jet boat or a special drive setup, usually a rooster tail comes from a motor with a shaft length that it was mounted on or the motor being mounted too low. You can easily see the position of the anti-ventilation plate in relation to the bottom of the boat if you can get to the back of the boat. The wide plate is usually positioned immediately above the prop. It is advisable that you place the plate roughly even with the boat bottom when the motor is trimmed. This allows the plate to be parallel with the boat bottom.

Every jet boat makes a rooster tail at high power and high speed. They are formed by the design and trim of the boat. The more you get the boat on the running pad and the higher trim, the more rooster tail you get. A jet boat that can run on inches of the pad will make a massive tail when you trim it correctly. Speed and horsepower (HP) play a significant factor in achieving a rooster tail with a jet boat as well. So the faster you can go with the jet boat the longer the rooster tail looks. Also, the more HP you have, the higher you can push water. By following these tips, you can make an impressive rooster tail with your jet boat.

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