9 Best Jet Boating Lakes in Utah

National Parks, National Monuments and National Forests surround Utah from all sides. But that is not all. Sand dunes of the desert, pine forests of the mountains and valleys bring in contrasting diversity to the land. The state also has a huge count of lakes and water reservoirs that make it one of the best choices for individuals who are in love with water-based recreational activities such as boating and fishing. Some of the best jet boating lakes in Utah include:

1. Lake Powell

This is no doubt one of the best boating lakes in Utah that draw in more than 3 million visitors each year. More than a lake it is a manmade reservoir that has earned its fame both on a national and international scale. It is situated in the National Recreational Area of the Glen Canyon in the bordering section of southern Utah and northern Arizona at the height of over 3700 feet and an average depth f 132 feet. Fishing is another popular activity to try out in this lake.

2. Great Salt Lake

In terms of size, it ranks first in the entire western hemisphere. It covers and widespread water surface area of 440,000 hectares that is considered to be the leftover portion of the ancient Lake Bonneville. It provides shelter to a numerous count of native birds, waterfowl and shorebirds. Boating, sailing, swimming, and kayaking are the top water activities that attract visitors apart from the camping grounds and picnic spots in the area.

3. Flaming George Reservoir

The Ashley National Forest surrounds the Flaming George Reservoir and acts as one of the best escapes for the Utah residents. Located at an elevation of 6053 feet above the sea level, this lake is located in the northeastern portion of Utah State in the Daggett County. It is one of the best boating lakes in Utah with an average depth of 212 feet. Apart from boating, camping and fishing are some of the other popular attractions of the lake spread across an area of over 42,000 acres.

4. Utah Lake

Though this lake lacks great depth, it is one of the most attractive sports in the Utah Valley with stunning magnificence of scenic beauties. The lake is located at the height of 1368 meters above sea level spread across the 38,000-hectare area. Recreational activities like boating, fishing, and skiing form the primary attractions of the place. Hiking and bird watching also adds on to the list.

5. Bear Lake

It is one of the greatest freshwater lakes jointly shared by Idaho and Utah. Its history dates back to more than 250,000 years. The turquoise blue colored lake stretches over a total water surface area of 28,000 hectares at the height of 1800 meters and offers a wide range of activities including boating, swimming, fishing, and camping.

6. Jordanelle Reservoir

It is another one of the best boating lakes in Utah. It is one of the most attractive destinations for visitors in the entire state that offers a perfect weekend escape amidst the mountain ranges and the national forests at an elevation of 6200+ feet. Apart from boating, SUPs, skiing, kayaks and fly diving are some of the other attractive activities to try out in this place. Camping, bird watching, and hiking can be some options for you if you want to just stay out of the water.

7. Deer Creek Reservoir

This is the most important feature of the State Park in Deer Creek region that homes more than 70 sites for campers, two ramps for launching boats and a wide count of picnic spots to let visitors enjoy the place with their friends and families. This 1200 hectare lake is located at a height of 1600+ meters and supports a wide range of water-based recreational activities. Zip-lining, hiking and mountain biking are some of the other activities to try in this place. It also boasts of a splendid golf course of its own.

8. Strawberry Reservoir

It is the most famous fishing destination in the state of Utah and receives more than 1.5 angling hours on an annual basis. It has countless fishes and is located in the Strawberry Valley. It is inhabited by the Ute Tribe and offers some of the most amazing recreational activities such as boating, snowmobiling, and camping on the shoreline.

9. Yuba Lake

In terms of recreational activities such as boating, motorsports, fishing, and camping, the Yuba Lake ranks quite high among the list of the famous lakes in the Utah State. Though it is situated at an elevation of 5100 feet, boat launch and camping are some of the prime activities in the area apart from jet skiing. It is a shallow lake with an average depth of 21.3 feet. Thus it is not a great option for fishing enthusiasts though it homes four main species of fish in the lake.

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