11 Best Jet Boating Lakes in Nevada

1. Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe, situated in the Sierra Nevada is one of the major spots for attracting tourists from Nevada and California. This freshwater lake has a history that dates back to more than 2 million years. It is spread over a height of 1800+ meters and spread over 49,000 hectares of water surface area. It is one of the best boating lakes in Nevada that turns into one of the most famous skiing destinations in winter. Jet skiing, swimming, and paragliding are some of the vast range of recreational activities that tourists can expect here. I love spending time here.

2. Angel lake

This lake is located in the Elko County and spread over an area of just 13 acres. Despite that, it is a spot that can allow boating enthusiasts with the best peace of mind apart from other water activities. It is also widely known as one of the best fishing spots in the area.

3. Lake Mead

Situated on the Colorado River, this lake is hardly 24 miles away from Las Vegas. It is the largest known water reservoir in the entire United States of America at its full condition. Boating and fishing thrive as some of the best recreational activities in the area apart from swimming and water skiing.

4. Lake Mohave

The Colorado River also takes on the duty to feed this lake. Arizona also shares this lake for its recreational area. The lake, spread over an area of 10,700 hectares is a haven for the locals and tourist who are adventure enthusiasts. Boating, kayaking, swimming, water skiing are some of the most common activities apart from fishing and scuba diving.

5. Walker Lake

This recreational lake is spread over a water surface area of more than 38000 acres in the Mineral County of Nevada. Apart from being one of the best boating lakes in Nevada, this lake is also famous among tourists for swimming, water skiing, camping and picnicking.

6. Washoe Lake

It is located in the northern part of the Carson City and the east side of Lake Tahoe over an area of 2347 hectares. Though the lake is shallow, the gusty wind makes it an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts mainly in summer. Boating, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are some of the best activities to take part in this lake.

7. Spooner Lake

If you want to go out for a day-trip, this is the best option for you to look into if you’re going to enjoy a session of boating or fishing. It is an oasis of the Nevada State Park that is regularly fed with fishes by the state. Camps and cabins are quite common by its sides.

8. Lamoille Lake

This lake is situated at the Lamoille Canyon’s head amidst the famous Ruby Mountains. Spread over an area of 13.6 acres, it is one of the best boating lakes in Nevada that also attracts a lot of fishermen and hikers.

9. Topaz lake

It is another lake near the Lake Tahoe that shares the border of Nevada and California. The West Walker River feeds the lake since 1922 making it one of the most famous boating lakes in Nevada. Some of the other activities offered by the lake include water skiing, fishing, and jet skiing. The lake also has three large campgrounds for nature lovers to spend a night or more.

10. Overland Lake

This is another small yet popular lake that offers great options for boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing at the Ruby Mountains from the head of the Overland Canyon. Though it covers an area of just 15 acres, it is one of the best escapes for peace and scenic beauty.

11. Lake Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Lake has been solely built for satisfying the recreational demands of the tourists. It has a shoreline roughly around 16 km. Apart from recreational water activities like boating, swimming, kayaking, and SUP, the area also has a couple of golf courses, and a huge casino around the lake spread over 130 hectares.


Though most individuals can only think of mines, deserts, and gambling when they hear Nevada, the seventh largest state of the nation has far more things to offer to tourists. Rivers, forests, mountains, and valleys make this an ideal place for nature lovers. Lakes and water reservoirs in the state are many making it easy for locals and tourists to beat the desert hits from the southern parts of the state.

Above mentioned are some of the top boating lakes in Nevada that attracts a lot of tourists for the recreational activities it offers. Some lakes are quite small whereas some are humongous are cover water surface area of over 30,000 hectares. Boating and fishing are some of the most common water activities in this area that attracts a lot of individuals to these lakes.

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