We went Jet Boat Racing and Accidentally Crashed

Life is boring, but I cannot complain. I had lost all my money in gambling and womanizing. But before you blame me, you need to hear my story.

Some few years back, I was the head of Grand Insurance Company, a company located in the city of American biggest players, ensuring the biggest names and companies in the land; ensuring the entire city if you can think of us that way, because of the A-Listers and assets in our clientele base.

Apart from being the head, I was also a co-founder of two of my college friends, Duke and Harry. Also, I own a large chunk of the business share.

I thought then that I had my whole life planned out when I married my wife — the prettiest of them in the city of New York, Chloe.

I was sure it was not only people who envied me and my life. I was sure that life itself envied the way I lived in it.

Everything was perfect, at least until I started to realize that it was not as perfect as I thought it was.

I started to notice that something was amiss in my life when I told my wife that I wanted us to try at having kids. I mean, who would not want that at some point in their married life? Even if we did not see it as a priority in our early life of marriage, I figured we could do so now.

Chloe did not give me a reasonable reply that day, but I let it go. The second day I decided to bring the subject up again.

I just got back from work. It was a good day at work, actually, a terrific one. We had just brought in the biggest aircraft maker to ensure their company with us, and the deal was worth multimillion of dollars over the years.

I must say I was bubbling inside of me that day, even though it was not a first of that kind, but every time one won such company over, it meant a great deal to the company’s survival in a market so competitive.

Of such survival we were secure, and I went home to share my joy with my dear wife. Chloe. She did receive it with great enthusiasm I must say. But that enthusiasm got lost when she asked.

“Baby, how do you want to celebrate?”

And I answered.

“How about making a baby tonight? I’m sure with this so much joy inside of me, we’ve got a good shot at it.”

I noticed her countenance changing at that very moment, and for a moment I could not recognize her. It was like I had thrown a punch at her face.

“I am sure there are better ways we can celebrate,” she finally said

“So what do suggest we do?” I asked despondently.

I could not understand why my wife did not want us to try to making a baby at the time.

“How about a dinner at Là Perrier Premiere Restaurant?” She suggested we visit one of the finest restaurants in New York, which of course, was quite expensive.

I disagreed with celebrating out that night for the first time, and she wasn’t pleased with all. I disagreed more because I was angry and bored and empty inside of me. I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to feel and see a part of me in someone else.

But if I had known what was in store for me, I would have taken her out as she had suggested and not mention anything related to making babies. I would have played my cards better than I did.

The next day at work, I noticed that someone had tried to log into my account. I wasn’t sure if the person was successful, so I called the IT guy. He said the person was able to log into my account but seemed not to have stolen any information.

Only a few days later I noticed Duke’s share had gone higher but not high enough to buy me out of the company unless another shareholder in the company supported him.

But it wasn’t only his share that went up; his attitude towards me changed for the very first time since we have known each other. He tried to avoid as much as he could.

I do not know how he convinced Harry, or what they both had against me but an emergency meeting was called few weeks after the incident with my wife where they and some other staffs voted me out of my company.

As devastating as that was, my wife filed a divorce against me a couple of days after my buyout and moved in with Duke. I realized that was all this had been about.

That was when I resulted in drinking a lot and gambling with the rest on the money and property I had.

When all my properties were almost gone, I had left only my jet boat motor, which I decided to catch fun with. I got the notification about a jet boat race which was coming up with a wonderful cash prize for the winner. Thankfully, my jet boat was insured with the same company where I used to work.

That was not all a terrible day, I must say. I had started the race well. My jet boat is going at 210 km/h at some point. I was giving my opponents one heck of a race. And I was having so much fun I haven’t had in months since I was bought out of my company and my life.

My jet boat was one of the fastest in New York. I was sure with this winning I was surely paying some of debt back, and with the distance, I had put between me and my closest rival in the race, there was no catching up with me.

But when I was almost at the finish line, I tried to slow down but my boat won’t. I tried harder, but it didn’t budge. It was going directly for the harbor wall. I turned it and went rather for a big rock at the left side of the shore. When the boat was close, I jumped out of the boat as it crashed against the rock.

I did win the race. And my jet boat which was insured with my former company opened to me an avenue to try get my company back. I was not in any way worried about the jet boat. The boat was very expensive, and the insurance company had to choice than to get me a new one according to the insurance requirements.

They were unable to get a new one quickly because of the cost, and they tried to beg me when I threatened to sue them. They knew that I would win. I knew all the workings of the company. This way, I was able to make plans to get control of my company back.

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