Jet Boating at High-Speed was Shaky and Fun

My name is Stella, and I stay with my husband Tom and my three daughters in Los Angeles, California. So as I was saying, one fine day my husband came home with a huge smile on his face. I was sure that he had good news for my children and me. When I asked why he was happy, he said that years ago when we were dating, he had promised me to take me to New Zealand. Well, today was our anniversary! And that’s when he gave me this surprise that we’ll be visiting New Zealand the very next week.

I was so thrilled. The fact that I forgot my anniversary is so mindblowing! Maybe that’s because of my hectic life with my children. But he also had another surprise for me which was not good news but also not bad news.

He said that he wanted this to be a private tour. He said that he wanted to bring back the days of our honeymoon and that’s why he said that our children would not be joining us.

He said that they’d stay with my sister for a week when we go to New Zealand. I was very sad to hear this. Over the years, I have never been separated from my daughters for such a long time. But I also understood Tom’s intention. He wanted to spend some time with me. I appreciate that, and that’s why I agreed to his demand. Hence when I told my daughters about this, they were thrilled and also happy for Tom and me. They readily agreed to stay with their aunt when we are gone. So that way things were settled. So finally the planning began. We planned to visit almost every place in New Zealand.

We finally boarded our plane, and we were off to one thrilling adventure. When we landed, the breeze of New Zealand was so fresh and energetic. People here are so friendly and nice. They welcome everyone into their country with love and special support. We got into our hotel. From the next day, our adventure officially began. We roamed around the entire Auckland city.

It was tremendous. After roaming everywhere, the next place we visited was Queenstown, New Zealand. Oh my god! That place is beyond fabulous. Out of all the places in New Zealand, Queenstown was the best. And it is because of one reason. And that was jet boating! By far the most thrilling boating experience of my life. When we arrived in Queenstown, our guide told us about the jet boating. When I heard about it, I was kinda skeptical and also terrified.

I was even more terrified when he told what happens in jet boating. The strong waves of waves of water splashing all over us! The tremendous amount of speed! The guide told us everything this jet boating has to offer. I was concerned about safety. But then again, I’m in New Zealand where safety is the topmost priority.

So yeah, after thinking for a while, I finally decided to go on jet boating. When we reached there, I could already see other people jet boating. It looked thrilling and adventurous. We waited there for a while till our chance comes. We could hear people shouting with fear and terror. That made me afraid. But once I take a decision, I stick to it. And yes I followed it. So finally our chance came.

The boat is in front of us, and we were all ready to go. Now before stepping foot into that boat, we were made to wear life jackets. Afterward, a guide came to tell us a few things about the boat and also the instructions. He seemed pretty well experienced and also fit for this job. He told us things like we should stay calm during boating and also many other things. After his instructions, we got onto the boat.

The boat was pretty shaky. We were falling here and there, and it looked pretty funny. Now after we all settled down, like a bunch of goats, the boat started. Initially, it was slow. But then the speed caught up. Oh my god! It was a terrific experience. I never thought that New Zealand had something like this to offer. We went here and there, and the water was splashing all over our face. It was seriously fun and refreshing.

The jet boating was going on in a really fun and dramatic way. We were completely wet. The speed was increasing every second. And then it finally came — the waterfall. We were going to fall with that waterfall. I have to say! When we were falling, I thought that I was going to die. The fall was that deep and dense that I will surely not forget this adventure of jet boating in my entire lifetime. That’s when something happened which will differentiate this jet boating ride from another.

One of the passengers inside the boat had passed out after the waterfall. But nobody realized this. Everybody was engrossed in the thrilling ride. Then during a heavy turn, the passenger fell out of the boat! That has to be one of the most horrific sights that I have ever seen. She was unconscious and was drowning in the water which had huge waves.

She had come with her sister. Her sister was screaming like anything. We all were awestruck and shocked by the extraordinary waves in which she was drowning. Our guide was the driver of the boat. He didn’t have any other choice. He left the boat and jumped to the water. He got hold of her. But by this time, there was no driver in this jet boat.

That’s when my husband Tom did something heroic. He sat in the driver’s seat and started driving the jet boat. We could see that the guide and the driver of the boat had saved that women and they were in the shore. But now there was no way that they could return to the boat again. So they stayed on the shore.

We were in danger now. But my husband was driving the boat quite well. He was a very good observer. I knew that from the day we started dating. He would observe everything and also he could easily imitate that. So now, I feel that he might have been observing how to drive the boat and hence he was now able to drive the boat successfully. My husband was not the best driver or was not near to as close as how the guide was driving. But still, he was doing a pretty good job.

He was going pretty smoothly with the flow of the water, and I had to appreciate the heroic stunt my husband was doing really. His audacity and will to save everyone from drowning was just outstanding. Finally, we reached the shore. He stopped the boat with complete professionalism. By the time we reached the shore, the guide and the girl who fell from the ship were waiting for us.

When we safely came out of the boat, the guide came near my husband and congratulated him. His eyes were glowing with the happiness that none of his passengers were hurt during the jet boating. Even the girl apologize for passing out. We could understand that as its nobody’s fault. The fault was of the boat.

Her seat belt was broken, and that’s why she feels on the river.

Now before leaving, my husband was awarded for his stunt of saving so many lives. This trip was surely a trip to remember for a lifetime, and I’ll surely come back again in New Zealand for more adventures. This trip rewarded my husband an award that we’ll be proud of our entire lifetime.

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