Top 5 Cool Things about Jet Boats

1. Their lightweight makes them as effective as a motorcycle

There are several variations of jet boats. They are an advancement of watercraft or jet skis. They come in similar in style and size. All designs feature a set of handlebars and a set for the rider to sit while operating the craft at their convenience. The designs are lightweight to allow high performance on the water with the effectiveness of a motorcycle.

With between 80 and 350 horsepower, average jet skis carry 2-3 passengers. They grow popular because of their ease to operate. Due to their lightweight, they are easy to handle and maneuver too. Likewise, jet boats are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The average-sized range from 16’ to 24’ and have one engine. The largest boats have twin engines to maximum performance. The twin engines can produce up to 500 horsepower.


2. Jet boats do not have an outdrive/driveshaft

Another cool thing about jet boats is that they do not come with an Outdrive or Driveshaft. The reason is to minimize things at the bottom of the boat. The benefit is there is minimal risk of hitting things and affecting the gadgets. Useful gadgets are therefore not left to hand on the bottom. The benefit is you can operate the boat in the thinnest waters without affecting any of the parts of the machine. This does not you should intentionally use it on shallow waters because you risk hitting the ground. However, the clear surface at the bottom and lightweight allow you doc anywhere.


3. Increasing Interior Space

Increased room in modern jet boats is one of the cool things about jet boats. If you compare the latest designs to the earlier versions, you will notice that the cockpit is significantly spacious. In comparison to the stern drive, the modern jet boat is an extremely comfortable marine machine. Space is deliberate to allow extra room to sit back unlike on stern drives. They also do not need a sun-board at the top. Instead, they come with the traditional fiberglass runabout to shield the rider from wind and droplets of water. Leaving the top mostly open gives it a unique freestyle look and seemingly more space.


4. Reduced Risk of Accidents

With the lack of an external propeller, jet boats are less risky to use than traditional stern drives. Accidents emerge from problems with the spinning prop, which is absent on jet boats. This increases the safety of jet boats and makes them a better alternative to regular boats. For sterndrives, you need to get everyone away from the water around the dock before leaving. Divers and swimmers are victims of the prop and outdrive. Sea animals and fishes have also been harmed. You may hear of whales killed by the prop. Jet boats are, therefore, the appealing option.


5. Quickest Acceleration and Performance

Jet boats boast of the highest acceleration rates among marine machines. Depending on the engine, you can achieve top speeds quickly after setting off. The engine setup and horsepower determine these rates. It is, however, the turning ability that makes them most exciting. No other marine vessel can match this precision and balance. This is the ultimate maneuverable machine available for the water and is top of the cool things about jet boats.



Jet boats have several benefits that make them better alternatives to traditional stern drives. You can use them on rivers comfortably too. They do not have anything below to risk hitting any obstacles. This means you can dock anywhere on beaches without a hassle. You can operate a jet boat in the shallowest waters possible. Next time you want to have on a lake, huge river or at sea, try out the jet boat.

Jet boats are mostly mistaken for jet skis. Admittedly, both are marine machines. However, apart from the jet propulsion technology used, jet boats widely differ from jet skis. You may already be wondering what jet propulsion is. This is a concept that causes sucking up of water from underneath the boat via intake of shooting out from the back by a nozzle. A sophisticated pump or impeller behind the intake sucks up the water quickly and pushes it all the way back.

Since the first design in the 1950s, jet boats have evolved into high-tech marine cruisers. Today, the models are changing and adapting to the latest technologies as manufacturers compete to make the best marine machines. What makes the jet boat different from regular stern drive or outboard powered boats is the external propeller. It makes the jet boat quicker and more efficient on the water.

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