Jet Boat Water Skiing Fun High School Trip

This year high school trip for seniors is all about Jet Boat Water Skiing and Having Fun, replied Nancy while dancing.

Saint Petersburg High School Rowdies:

Ed, Drake, Jack, Sarah, Juliana, Nancy, and Josef were seven fast friends and known as the group of rowdies around the corners of Saint Petersburg high school. The best thing about this group as they were together since they all were admitted in pre-nursery class here. They were from richest families living across the fifth avenue villas, Florida.

Edward, the Ed was famous for his craze for games and very interesting double shaded eyes that gave him a very interesting yet mysterious look.

Drake, the most flirtatious creature in their school, according to girls as well as teachers, was tall and handsome with brown eyes and singing talent, yes he was part of the school music band as a leading singer and second guitarist.

Jack was the silent nerd of the group who does not make much participation in the group discussion as long as the topic is regarding studies. Yes, he was the studious person, and due to him no member of the group was ever failed, not even Sarah.

Sarah was the beauty conscious girl, always counting for calories, going shopping, and she had the least interest in studies. Some people thought she had a crush on Ed since 8th class, but none of them ever confirmed.

Juliana and Nancy were step sisters but not like the Cinderella’s stepsisters. Nancy was living with her second mother since the death of her father, and Mrs. Henry had taken good care of her both daughters equally. They were in the sports team and leading squash champions with three times winners of the Florida Schools Squash Championship.

Last but not least in their group, was Joseph, a guy with high attitude and always filled with cocky and arrogant expressions on the face. Not so friendly yet very sincere and caring towards his friends. He was also richest in the group the group he had lost his father and mother in an accident when he was four. Since then he was living with his grandmother, a widow and cleric in Protestant church nearby.

The journey started at 8 in the morning. There were two buses one foxy loaded with eatables and a caravan camping van in which teachers were sitting. Miss Joe preferred to stay on the bus where all the rowdies were sitting. She was well aware of their attitude like in fun they can fire up the whole van, and when everybody else will be running for help, they will still be standing there and laughing on their accomplishments. Their jokes were never harmless.

Still, in this journey three girls complained about the gun in their head. One guy lost his glasses, and now he was unable to see. One teachers’ medicine was missing while the driver was continuously complaining about the itching. Miss Joe, new the group behind this all yet absence of evidence was keeping her from punishing rowdies.

Reaching the Tampa Bay:

In an hour and a half, everybody reached Tampa Bay. Students were coming out of the buses, teachers announcing the schedule for the gaming activities they will do here. School staff was unloading foxy and camping caravan bus.

Everybody in rowdies was taking a picture, except Sarah and Joseph, Sarah was worried for the dress and conscious for the makeup she just had to do again to match her dress while Joseph was sitting silently on a stone and deeply looking at a group of girls. A girl from the group suddenly turned her eyes, found him staring then she left and went to Miss Joe.

Come on you both, let’s have some memories, Jack shouted at Sarah and Joseph, and the fun started again.


Jet Boat Water Skiing and Having Fun at Tampa Bay:

Now it was time for the activities. There were several other families and tourists were also visiting, and drake was now flirting with a Turkish girl. He was trying to be over nice to her and exaggerating regarding his singing skills to impress her.

First, there was Kayaking competition between students and they were asked to join in the teams voluntarily. All rowdies except Joseph came in team A with some other students. They had to

What? She looked at her astonishingly.

I am sorry Faith for all what I did, can we be friends again?

Is this some trick? She fell two steps back in shock.

I know trusting is hard after…, but what if you do?

Please spare me, and she got up when he picked her hand, I told you I am sorry….

She pushed his hand away and walked off.

Lesson to Rowdies:

Rowdies had learned their lesson, the pit they were digging for others Karma made them fall in that. They were ashamed… Sarah’s face was a little disturbed for someday, Juliana’s hair was cut due to that thing in her hair. Drake, Nancy, and Ed were also asking for apologies from God.

Miss. Joe was smiling at the distance as the small accident was happened to give the biggest lessons in life.

compete against Team B. Joseph was sitting on floral picnic cloth eating his sandwiches with a soda can. However, after some time, he found that Rowdies had lost their match. He was laughing and making fun of his friends.

The next competition was banana boat race between champions of the first game. Rowdies decided to poke some holes in the banana boat of team B. They wanted to take revenge. All boats were pocked with secrete holes when everybody was having lunch.

Joseph Together with Faith:

The completion was postponed as the air balloon man was there to give balloon rides. Rowdies stepped in one balloon including Joseph. At the start everything was good, but when it reached to enough height, due to the fast wind, the ropes caught fire. One by one all ropes broke, and they fell in water where the sea was deep.

The rescue teams ran towards to save them, Sarah’s head was hit by something as it was bleeding, and Juliana has something very sticky in her hair when she was brought on the shore. Drake was unconscious due to so much water went inside his stomach. Ed was in shock however he had no visible injury. Nancy and Ed also had some wounds on the face, near elbows, and even on feet as they were so near to fire. Joseph, where is Joseph? Shouted Miss. Joe! He was looking at the waves terrifyingly while Faith was pulling her out of deep waters and trying to make him wear a safe jacket.

On the shore, she asked him, are you okay? He looked at her absently, and suddenly some stories came in front of his eyes, when he had made fun of Faith, due to fearing fire and when he had locked her in the bathroom after trapping her flirtatious. She had spent a whole night in of cold in the winter. This was when a big fight erupted at Saint Petersburg School between him and Faith.

Hello, are you okay? She waved her hand again in front of her… I AM SORRY….

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