Jetboat Skiing on Fast Boat

Some activities in this world bring about the great thrill. They are the kind of activities that get your adrenaline pumping. These activities may be dangerous if you are not an expert or if you are not very careful. Among those activities, there is rock and mountain climbing, parachuting, paragliding, car racing at very high speeds, and then my favorite, jet boat water skiing.

I had done all the other activities when I was a teenager. As for jet boat skiing, I had done it only twice. Now, that I want to do it again. I want to feel the thrill, the sense of being alive, of being capable of doing many things. I want to prove that I am not scared of anything, that I can face anything.

Jet boat skiing is not an easy thing to do especially for people who have never done it before. Normally, skiing is done on the snow. However, water skiing means you get to ski on water, while attached to a fast-moving boat.

My friend, Dave and his brother, we’re always going on their jet boat to fish and relax. Sometimes, they take two ladies along with them. I met up with them and told them about my plan.

You still know how to do that?” Dave asked.

Of course, what do you take me for?’ I asked.

Dave shrugged. “I know that the last time you did that was ten years ago.”

I shrugged too. “Well, it is like riding a bicycle,” I said.

I love this idea,” Dave’s brother, Matt said. “Perhaps you will teach me how to jet ski.”

Of course, anytime,” I told him.

Alright then, let’s do it,” Dave said. “I can’t wait to call the girls,” Dave said.

A day before the skiing, I went out with Dave to get all the equipment that I was going to need. I already have my skis. The skis were around 165 centimeters and were connected. I also got a very strong and long rope of about 22 meters long. I made sure that the handle of the rope was very large to fit my two hands.

Although I was a very strong swimmer, I also got a life jacket and had the seller design it to my taste. For protective purposes and to aid my grip, I also got a pair of ski gloves, and then I was good to go.

On the D-day, we drove to the harbor where Dave’s jet boat was. Three beautiful ladies followed as we all planned to have a lot of fun together. Dave and I had an earpiece each through which we could speak to ourselves. While the ladies, Dave and his brother all got into the boat, I connected the rope to the boat.

Dave knew what to do. He started the boat with a lot of torque and off we went. I held the handle of my rope very tightly as I flew on the water. My adrenaline surged, and I got the thrill I wanted. Dave pulled steadily, and this helped me to enjoy a smooth ride on the water.

The speed of the jet boat was just excellent. According to water skiing rules, one must look out for the skier at all times. While Dave piloted the fast-moving boat, the ladies and Matt watched out for me, screaming and waving in excitement.

We had moved away a little from other boats in the area, but I could see people in many of the boats screaming and waving too. I decided to some hot-dogging. It had been a long time since I showed off my skills and for a moment, I thought I would not be able to do it, but I did. I heard more screams of excitement.

We moved farther away from the other boats. I had thought that I would not be able to hold on for a long time, but I found out that I could. Everything seemed so easy, and I didn’t have to stress myself. I figured that all the exercises I had been doing must have given me enough stamina.

Suddenly, I saw the ladies and Matt shouted something at me and pointing far away. I could hear the words “Help.” I looked towards where they were pointing at and saw a boat with two men on it. They held on to a young lady and then they threw her into the water.

Before I could shout at the others, Dave was already moving towards the boat. Dave spoke to me through the earpiece.

Hey Martin, did you see that girl they threw in the water?” Dave asked.

Yeah, I saw her,” I replied.

We got to save her,” Dave said. Just swerve me towards the girl. I can grab her,” I said.

Are you sure?”

Yeah,” I replied even though I was not very sure. But I had to try to save the girl.

The jet boat moved closer to the other boat, and I saw the men on the boat pointing at us. They hadn’t seen us when they pushed the girl into the water. Saving the girl was going to be dangerous especially for her and me.

Hey, Dave, I think you should call the police now,” I said.


The girl struggled in the water, and I could not see the men on the deck of the other boat. I could only guess what they went inside to do.

Get ready, Martin,” Dave warned.

He turned the boat suddenly, and I was thrown like a slingshot towards the girl. I landed lightly beside her and grabbed her hand.

Hold tight,” I shouted.

She pulled herself up quickly until she had her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist.

Martin, there is a shark behind you!” Dave warned.

Go! Go! I shouted.”

The boat sped forward, and it took a second for the rope to be pulled too and off we went. Just a second after we left the spot, a spark flew out of the same spot with jaws wide open.

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