My First Time in a Jet Boat Race


About the amazing Jet Boat Racing experience, I was dragged into it by these two pals of mine, to be honest, it was scenery. After endless moments of deliberation since I had a big task on that fateful Saturday I needed to finish off.

On that morning they showed up like is a morning flight, couldn’t say no since I’ve already promised them the previous day that I’d go with them. “Hey Fred, it’s almost time for the race you need to hurry up” Michael shouted, they brought a swimsuit for me well packaged in the trunk of Robertson’s car.


In less than 15 minutes I was ready, we zoomed off to the beach. Michael the bully like I use to call him was busy cracking jokes with the video cam he came along with. It was all because of me since it’s my first time to participate in a Jet Boat Race my entire life. We reached the arena after 20 minutes fast drive from my house, secured the ticket for the competition right on time, all thanks to Robertson’s rush and rough drive.

I’ve always been the boring type, and I use to spend most times indoors with my laptop scrambling round internet ….sad tale of a programmer. My close friends take me as an introvert while my distant friends would think I’m funny because I always re-post pictures online of the few events I have been to without knowing the real me hahaha.


Just yesterday I witnessed a remarkable experience of my life well cherished, yes I went on Jet board racing with my two best friends (Michael and Robertson). I knew Michael since third grade he was quite a bully back then, and he broke my pen the first day I was transferred to the school which later ended up in a fight. Hahaha although it wasn’t funny back then, right now is like ‘an enemy turned friend’…. Real one. For Robertson, reckless as ever but fun and trustworthy. He lives a few yards away from my house, my virtual roommate because he is always around and besides everyone in my family likes him.


To my amazement, I saw a couple of other adversaries there waiting to jump into the water to start. Meanwhile, my friends and I already had our swimming suits on with our boats well settled just like others waiting for the organizers to hand us our tags. My heart beating very fast as the adventure is about to begin I was a bit tensed, first timer experience sounded normal but mine was exceptional, I was afraid of the tide. Trying very hard to man up to avoid being cajoled by Michael, the bully. “Fred, the water is a bit deep but is safe for Board racing” Robertson was a bit consoling, ‘it was enough for me’ my grateful thoughts wondering.


The race began after being lined up according to our number tags, the sound of the whistle was a bit frightening but is nothing compared to our history teacher’s voice back at high school. We dived through the waters scaling past each tide one after the other, and I wasn’t quite in a hurry knowing I might not make it up to first three positions hahaha. The mind of a loser it seems but my major plan was mere participation in the event. Robertson was skillful and fast too just like was on the wheel, by the time we went on the second round he was already on the first position with many gaps on the runner-up.


For me, I was still hanging around the sixth position enjoying the marvelous smooth breeze of nature. It was fun, and fear has left me already as I started perfecting on the skills moving with the wind. Right in front of me Michael’s boat collided with the three guys own ahead of me, ‘Splash!!’ together with their boat they all got sunk, ‘Michael hope you are fine?!!’ I screamed to make sure he is in good condition, ‘don’t worry Fred keep going, you have chances of meeting up with Rob!’ he yelled at me. To be honest, I wasn’t bothered about him at first knowing he is a fish when it comes to swimming. On the other wicked thoughts of mine, finally I have something to make fun around with, it wasn’t his first time on Jet Board Racing the flimsy accident was uncalled for.


The competition became real when I found myself dangling around the third position almost at the brisk of the final round. Michael was still maintaining his first position, of course, he was the shark of the day. I was overwhelmed but still have to hold strong of my ground to avoid going off skid, and I had total control of myself sailing smoothly and happily till I reach the red marker.


It was an unbelievable event for me, yes I made it to the third position defying all odds as a first timer, lacking experience. The cheer through the crowd was all for me, and the so-called indoor warlord made it to the third position. Michael has always been the reigning champion, so it wasn’t a surprise for everybody, even as a third runner-up I was well celebrated more than him. Rob and Michael went ahead in reminding everybody how they talked me Fred, the indoor boy into coming for the Jet Boat Racing. I was glad they gave me the opportunity of witnessing a new sports activity which turned a hobby for me till date.

The closing party was sensational, and we got our medals with our names crested on it. Time to head back, we sang happily on our way home. Best moments ever, till date I still replay the clip I was grateful to Michael for coming along with his video camera. My first-time experience wasn’t bad after all, what I needed in the first place was exposure and the urge to walk out of my crab hole to witness life.

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