I Wakeboarded behind a Jet Boat

Wakeboarding most times has more to do with the one who drives the boat than the boat itself. Therefore, to take the boat for a spin, I buzzed Finn and Ross. The two Seattle brothers were one of the few beach friends I knew that were close to being accurate at speed control, and of course, still loved to wakeboard behind a jet boat.

We got to the beach and had the boat ready for the sea. The two brothers said nice things about my new boat, and Finn was delighted to be the first to take the boat on a spin. Usually, we rotate responsibilities; one person takes the wheel while others wakeboards. But Finn must be more interested in being by the wheels this time,

Just before we left the shores, we met two other guys who were interested in wakeboarding with us. I was not exactly familiar with them at that time, but I had seen them a few times on the beach. Besides, the more we are, the merrier.

Finn always had a thing for Coldplay music. So I was not surprised when he immediately connected his MP3 player and tuned the speakers to one of his favorite hits from the band; something just like this. Lucky for him, our two new friends were interested in his playlist, and in a short time, we were all laughing about many things I can’t remember.

The four of us secured our ropes to the end of the boat and jumped one after the other into the water as Finn skilfully maneuvered towards a direction he knew was wave worthy. I could feel the cold water cozy up my knee as Finn sped across the lake. My leash was a bit longer, so there was more room for me to make less familiar spins, like the Moby Dick trick, than the others.

Ross fell a couple of times trying to make a 180 degree spin. He had been engrossed with learning the spin, first made by Packs Bonfay. At the third trial, he almost made it but gave up at 720. I didn’t realize when I was yelling in excitement the minute he didn’t land face into the water like the few other times he had tried.

The two new guys were like a Poseidon on water. I later found out they were pro wakeboarders from Miami. Actually, over time we have grown so close that they probably taught me most of the tricks I once considered impossible. From a tootsie roll to a whirlydick, the duo dashed into the sky and back upon the waters like they were born on the sea. One time, the two made a backside spin simultaneously over Ross and me. They were incredible. The little I and Ross could do was to keep up and enjoy the moment. Even though I felt a little bit intimidated by their show-offs.

We had a great time wakeboarding, and I am certainly happy I met Bill and Ryan, the two pro wakeboarders from Miami. Even now, I still use my Yamaha Jetboat to wakeboard with all four of my friends in our free times.

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