11 Ways to Stay Safe on Your Jetboat

Propeller strike protection: All passengers should wear the emergency cut switch before starting the engine. Along with the use of propeller safety devices like sensors and guards, it should be the responsibility of a person to keep an eye on the propeller activity.

Read the basics of boat safety:  Just before the departure for boating adventure, try to read all the boat safety measurements. Usually, the operational error or human negligence is the main cause of serious accidents, so avoid the risk with proper knowledge.

Remove CO poisoning: CO is a colorless and odorless gas which can cause the death of a person. Use and analyze the CO alarm inside and outside of the boat and try to stay away from unburn engine fumes. If you suspect CO poisoning in the closed cabin, then move immediately in the fresh air and get medical treatment.

Do not boat after drinking alcohol: Most of the boat accidents occur due to the negligence of the passengers and boat operator. The wind, sun and boat vibration can change at any time, so prefer to carry non-alcoholic drinks and simple food to avoid an accident.

Safety accessories: Make a full list of boat safety accessories before making a plan of boating. Buy and cross-check the presence of life jacket, marine VHF radio, whistle, first aid box, maps, GPS, flares, tool kit, and a throwable floatation device.

Have a free vessel safety checkup: For your ease and comfort, USCG can approach you for the consequence-free assessment.

Life jacket: According to a recent survey, a life jacket can save the man from serious boating accidents. So, all the people who are present on the boat to enjoy fishing and skiing should wear a life jacket to remain safe from any sudden accident.

Relax: People remain busy in their life activities. From office work to house management, everything is full of worries and stress. Those people who want to take a break to relax their mind and soul should choose boating. Boating reduces the stress of the people and allows them to learn and explore the natural beauty of the ocean.

Self-confidence: Do you want to be the best decision maker? Then boating is the best activity to gain confidence. By moving in the middle of the sea, using fishing or skiing equipment and managing the boat weight, you will become able to believe in your decisions. Boating leaves a robust positive effect on the life of a person.

Watch your speed: Driving fast is fun when it is all clear. You should slow down around other boats.

Have a Marine Radio: One that you can use to call for help.

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