17 Best Jet Boating Lakes in Minnesota

Here are some of the best boating lakes in Minnesota:

1. Lake Pepin, Goodhue & Wabasha County

This is one of the many naturally occurring lakes and is the largest on this side of the Mississippi River. The lake is shared between Goodhue and Wabash Counties and with the state of Wisconsin. This side offers more to the boaters than the part that lies in Wisconsin. With three marinas and many camping grounds, the lake offers many options for tourists. It also has a lighthouse at the entrance to one of the marinas.

On the shoreline lies the Frontenac State Park, which attracts many lake lovers. You may carry along your family for a host of activities such as bird watching, camping, or hiking, and fishing.

2. Lake Vermilion, Saint Louis County

The Lake Vermilion in Saint Louis County is popular for its unique shape, which resembles serpentine shape giving it the nickname ‘the Magic Dragon.’ It is located in the center of the state and stretches four counties. This massive water reservoir formed as a result of the Osage River damming project before World War II. At the time, it was one of the world’s largest human-made lakes. With a surface area of 200 square kilometers, it still retains its reputation as one of the largest in the country as well as the biggest in this state.

The shore of Lake Vermilion is home to parks, settlements, and golf courses. It stretches 1,850 kilometers and offers irresistible landmarks and spectacular sceneries. With many vacation rental options here, it attracts many visitors throughout the year. It also has camping grounds, marinas, and restaurants found evenly along the entire shoreline. This means there are many family-friendly activities to engage during summer. Weekends are mostly crowded so you would rather make early bookings for weekdays to enjoy the serenity of this lake.

3. Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis

This is the popular ‘V’ shaped lake that spans three counties with at least 100 square kilometers of the surface. It formed during the damming of Sac River in 1969 and has been the pride of the state since then. This is a great place for both locals and foreigners who want to experience the best boating times. With many coves around the lake, it is the best place for kiteboarding, windsurfing, skiing, and wakeboarding. Other activities include sailing, racing, and the popular governor’s Cup Regatta. Throughout the year, the lake is available for these fun activities. With many rental options, boating is the best activity you will be doing at this lake at any time.

The shoreline offers 24 kilometers for bikers and hikers. With camping grounds, marinas, and restaurants around the lake, you can bring your family to enjoy a host of activities that will last you throughout the summer. Its availability all year round makes in one of the best boating lakes in Minnesota.

4. Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

Lake Harriet earned its name from the popular Harriet in her honor. It is located 280 meters above sea level within and is spared for special events but also allows recreational activities throughout the year. This is a beautiful creation with many spectacular views of the background of the mountainous side. It is close to Branson town where you can find enough supplies to get you through with the vacation. With at least 1,000 kilometers of shoreline, there is a lot to explore here for boaters. If you are a boater planning to spend their time in this state, then this is one of the best boating lakes in Minnesota.

The shoreline comprises camping grounds, marinas, and an RV park, as well as restaurants, and shopping stores. Among all activities available at this lake, fishing is the most popular. Trout is the most abundant fish species here. According to the Minnesota Department of Conversation. While the surrounding area is great for biking and hiking, the lake is the ideal spot for boating.

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Lake Pepin


This is the popular ‘land of 10,000 lakes’ thanks to the abundance of lakes, which makes it different from all other states. With 11, 842 lakes, it is the state with the most freshwater lakes in the country due to glacial activity a long time ago. Minnesota also has 6500 rivers feeding the lakes. Minnesota also boasts a wide variety of natural features, which make it home to a mixture of lakes, mountains, and the Great Plains. With all these lakes, the choice is endless. You wouldn’t know the ones that stand out from the rest because they are numerous beyond what you can explore in your lifetime.

Its ecosystem gives it the appropriate place for thriving flora and fauna. Some of the animal life flourishing here are mammals, birds, fish, trees, and shrubs. The numerous rivers, streams, and lakes provide a lot of fresh water for the state.

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