How I Won the Race


Jetboat racing has always been a part of my life since I was a kid. My dad has a lot of boats and has always been in the business of selling boats. He had a conversation trust with several boating construction companies, and his job was to help test and sell the boats that are being produced. He taught me everything I knew about piloting boats and many times we would test the boats that he wished to sell. Of all the boats he sold, the jet boat was my favorite.

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I Wakeboarded behind a Jet Boat

Wakeboarding most times has more to do with the one who drives the boat than the boat itself. Therefore, to take the boat for a spin, I buzzed Finn and Ross. The two Seattle brothers were one of the few beach friends I knew that were close to being accurate at speed control, and of course, still loved to wakeboard behind a jet boat.

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I Crashed my Jetboat into a Needless Rock

You should see me smiling as I set my family on my newly purchased bow rider. It was a 23 footer Bryant Calandra, furnished with all the class necessary for a family of four. It even had a sort of convertible settee over the engine that can be set up to face the rear to create an elegant flat sundeck. You can call it love at first sight.

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