13 Best Jet Boating Lakes in Colorado

Colorado is one of the best places in the world to live in. The place offers over 2000 water bodies including mountain lakes and reservoirs. Apart from the scenic beauty, the residents and visitors to the place are offered with a lot of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. The Rocky Mountain and the other geographical features of the further add on to the list of adventure activities that one can do in the area.

If you are up for a boating session, then choosing among 2000 options can be a tough job, especially if you are new to this place. For this reason, we have come up with a list of 13 best boating lakes in Colorado for anyone to enjoy boating and other water activities in the area.

1.      The Blue Mesa Reservoir

This is the largest lake of Colorado that stretches over 20 miles and boasts of a 96-mile long shoreline. It is situated near Gunnison and is one of the best choices for outdoor recreational activities such as water skiing, windsurfing and sailing apart from boating.

2.      Lake San Cristobal

This lake is located just outside the city of Colorado. If you can take an aerial view, it would appear that the lake is just a grass layer that can reflect the surrounding mountain and its brightest colors. Canoes, kayaks and finishing boats are the main options for boating the lake.

3.      Chatfield Lake

The impressive waters of the lake attract in a lot of boaters, especially during the summer. Fishing and water skiing are some of the other primary top activities to enjoy in the pristine waters of the lake. A floating restaurant on the lake is one of the best features of the place apart from the boating rental services.

4.      Prospect Lake

Families and young couples just love this place. Located in Colorado Spring’s Memorial Park, this is one of the best options for boating, fishing and other fun activities around the lakeside.

5.      Monarch Lake

If you are coming for Denver, then it is hardly a two-hour drive towards the south of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The lush green meadows of the national park surrounding the lake. The wildlife and the mountain terrain further make this one of the best jet boating lakes in Colorado.

6.      Grand Lake

This another one of the best boating options located just outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is the largest natural water body in the region that supports all year round activities. Speedboats and fishing boats can be taken on rent from the Grand Lake Marina.

7.      Green Mountain Reservoir

Well, this is a manmade body. But it is one of the best options to have great fun over the weekend. Campsites, cabins, and RV hookups are all around the place making boating, swimming, fishing, campfires and hiking some of the top preferred activities in the region.

8.      Lake Dillon

The 26-mile long shoreline is surrounded with islands covered with pines. This alpine beauty is one of the best boating lakes in Colorado that also offers great spots for fishing, vacation, and summer concerts on the shoreline.

9.      Granby Lake

This is another large lake in the state that serves as an awesome option for boating, kayaking and fishing in the summer accompanied by ice fishing, and snow trailing in the winters. The race series organized by the Lake Granby Yacht Club is one of the prime summer attractions each year.

10.  Crater Lake

With the majestic rising of the Maroon Bell peaks and the mirror still waters, this is no doubt one of the best options to consider for a fun boating session. The pine and the aspen tree blanket along with the plentiful mountain wildlife surround the lake to add on to the scenic beauty.

11.  McPhee Lake

If you want to escape the city crowds and enjoy a peaceful session of boating, this is surely the option for you. Apart from that, water skiing and fishing are other fun activities on this lake of 50-mile long shoreline. If you visit the place, make sure you hike the Can Do Trail if you wish to enjoy the year-round unbeatable views of the mountains.

12.  Boyd Lake

Located in the Northern parts of Colorado, this water sports haven is hardly a one hour drive from Denver. You can take out your boats for a ride or go fishing on this 1700 acre lake or just camp, swim, hike, bike, hunt or picnic on its shore.

13.  Steam Boat Lake

If you can go for a 45 minutes drive from the Steam Boat Springs town towards the north, you can reach one of the best-kept secrets of Colorado. Boating, canoeing, jet skiing are some of the best summer activities for the region while it becomes an ideal choice for ice fishing, snowboarding and snow skiing in the winters.

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