11 best places to go boating in the US


Here are 11 best boating destinations in the US for mariners where imagination meets reality.

Marina del Rey, California:

Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles is considered to be the largest man-made small craft harbor in the US. It’s one of the most popular places for boating in the US. It’s only 45-minute drive from the downtown and even closer from Santa Monica. It’s most popular among the boaters as the docks hold more than 4 thousand boats and yachts. The terrific setting and ambiance attract most boaters to moor along the California coast. The luxurious Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey Hotel also contributes to woo the rich and famous stars to moor along the marina.

Celebrities mooring along the coast frequently with their million-dollar yachts is the most common scene. If you don’t own a yacht or boat then just simply rent a boat with a skippered charter and enjoy the terrific view.


Key West, Florida:

If you want to sport fishing or relaxation out at sea then Key West is the best place to be. It’s the paradise for boaters who just want to go sailing without a worry in the world. People frequent here for its laidback lifestyle and carefree attitude. It’s most renowned for having the best sunset on the continent. So sunset cruising is the most popular activity for the boaters.

Key West is the paradise for all thing nautical. It has the largest fleet in Florida Key. Boaters with big sailboat frequent here the most as they accommodate any big vessels up to 195 feet.


Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe is a haven for jet boaters. It is located between California and Nevada. The beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range surrounding the lake charms its visitors. From May to September, the weather is excellent for cruising along the coastal resorts and enjoying the blue water sparkles. Lake Tahoe offers everything from peaceful rest to solid entertainment. You can enjoy the serene view of the lake or enjoy a good time in the Casinos or luxurious resorts and hotels.

For its terrific charm, Lake Tahoe is celebrated widely in the United States. It has been featured in many books, movies, TV commercials, and others. During the summer, the climate is excellent for boating, excursion and jubilant rowing trips. This amazing place also offers other amenities like hiking, mountain biking, and other sporting activities. In the cold season, it’s open for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.


Newport, Rhode Island:

For many years, Newport Harbor has been serving as a port of call for famed America’s Cup, an international yachting race. It’s a well-known seaside boating town in New England. Newport is widely celebrated by boaters from all over the world for its abundant yachting facilities. Newport’s rich history, sailing culture, and beautiful scenery has made it a favorite boating destination for mariners all over the world.

The terrific seafood and exotic hotels right on the harbor attract the Mariners for frequent visits. Sailing in the coastal area of New England is the most sought-after activities. You can easily book a private charter for a thrilling sea trip and experience the New England charm.

Sailing and jetboating is not the only activity you have to look forward to for entertainment. Newport is enriched with the incredible colonial architect. While you are hiking through 3.5 miles of famous Cliff Walk and enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and incredible shoreline of New England, don’t forget to check out the historic mansions in that area. The sailing culture, incredible architecture history has made Newport a year-round vacationing place for travelers who need to satisfy their need for open water, historic sightseeing and fresh and exotic seafood.

A few years back, I timed my visit to Newport in July. This got me the chance to experience one of the incredible features of Newport, the annual Newport Kite Festival. It’s a free event where participants gather to show off their colorful and quirky kite and other flying contraption. And as my father is an angler, we visited tons of site for fresh and saltwater fishing and even got the license for shellfishing oysters and the infamous New England quahog.


Lake Michigan:

Lake Michigan is widely popular for boating activities. It is one of the largest lakes in the United States. Four states share this lake, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The waterfront of the lake in each state is different from the other. This unique feature offers the visitors to explore the different waterfronts and enjoy the serene view of the lake.

Fishing and recreational boating are the most sought-after activities in Lake Michigan. From the middle of May to October, the boating season is open. The huge variety of fishing boats and abundant yachting facilities never fail to give a thrilling experience to its boaters. The picturesque islands, lighthouses, and harbors offer a solid entertainment to its visitors.


Lake Havasu, Arizona:

Lake Havasu is a hot spot for boaters. It is a large reservoir in the middle of the Arizona desert in Mojave County. It’s only 24 miles away from the bustling Las Vegas strip. The Lake has many amazing features, including iconic London Bridge. The boaters can experience the 60-mile waterways of hidden coves, sandbars and beaches.

Lake Havasu is widely popular among the spring breakers. 24 hour partying is quite a common activity among them. Throughout the year, the college kids visit this lake to enjoy its warm temperature and sail in the coastal areas to enjoy quality time with their friends. The area offers a variety of yachts and boats for fishing or recreational activities.

Lake Havasu has no size or speed limits for vessels. So any activity is allowed here. You can go for jet skiing, canoe riding or hop on any ferry to enjoy the 60 miles of continuous waterways, including the Colorado River. Tourists have many sightseeing options to explore like beautiful beaches, coves, and Copper Canyon which are all easily accessible for boaters.


Lake Lanier, Georgia:

The colorful Lake Lanier is the pride of the good people of Georgia. The soothing blue water and warm temperature all round the year invite boaters from all over the world. Although the water basin isn’t much big, the perfect weather is suitable for boating, fishing, and other water sports.

The lake is rich with many types of bass, catfish, sunfish, and perch. So a variety of fishing boats, tourists yacht for the rental purpose is available all around the year. From March to November, the sun is warm, and the weather stays stable. So many exciting water sports are observed during this time.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America for having more than 300 miles of inland water. So the life of the city dwellers in this town revolves around the water. The abound waterways have made Fort Lauderdale a paradise for parasailers. It has many unique features including 23 miles of beaches. So every year more than 40,000 yachts anchor here. You could say, Fort Lauderdale has earned its right as the yachting capital of the world. It used to be the hot spot for spring breakers, now people come here for a resort-style living and to enjoy the fresh seafood from the local restaurants.

Being known as the yachting capital of the world, the city holds one of the largest international boat show every year. Fort Lauderdale offers all water sports including boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, and others. The incredible coral reefs in Fort Lauderdale open a stunning tourist attraction for open water diving and amazing snorkeling. The place is swarming with unique wildlife from turtles to alligator and dolphin to manatees.

The coral reefs and abundance of fish in the lake attracts the tourists from all over the world. You can also make a quick jaunt as it’s quite close to Bahamas and Miami. The bustling downtown of Fort Lauderdale is another attraction for tourists. It’s full of dozens of beaches, golf courses, Riverwalk Arts. The popular Las Olas Boulevard offers shops, restaurants and unique architecture sites for solid entertainment. And when you are here, don’t miss out parking at the Thunderbird Drive-in, the world’s largest theater with 14 screens.


Crater Lake, Oregon:

Crater Lake situated in the center of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is a gem in the array of United States’ natural phenomena. Crater lake is absolute heaven for boating enthusiasts. To its visitors, the lake offers a panoramic scene that opens up from the lake’s shore. The stable weather and subalpine climate during summer make this stunning lake the most favorable place for cruising.

Crater Lake has many unique features that can take your breath away in a split of a second. The lake is in a caldera. It is estimated that this caldera was for created 8,000 years ago. So having the depth of 2,000 feet, it has earned a bragging right of being one of the deepest lakes in the world.


Seattle, Washington:

The grey sky and rain can’t keep the Seattle settlers inside their house. The salt water surrounded by a stunning landscape of Cascade and Olympic mountains is enough to blow any boaters mind away. Recreational parks surround the boating centers and piers. As nature abounds, Seattle has become a hot spot for many boaters. Residents commuting by boat from their waterfront home to the work is the most common scenario in Seattle. So sailing has been a top recreational activity for decades in Seattle.


San Juan Islands, Washington:

The San Juan Islands is gorgeous archipelago consisting of more than 172 islands. It’s only an hour and a half north of Seattle. The temperate climate and less rain than Seattle have made the San Juan Islands one of the best boating destinations. So if you are planning to schedule a boating trip in Seattle without the rain interrupting it, then you can count on the San Juan Islands.

Scheduling a boating trip in the San Juan Islands is one of the easiest things to do. Marinas are always full of suitable and affordable vessels for the rental purpose as many residents commute for their day-to-day life by boating. If you have no clue about boating then just hop on Washington State Ferry from Anacortes and enjoy the jaw-dropping view of the mountains and sea at the same time and also get some whale-watching in. Maybe you will get the chance of spotting Orcas in the wild.

San Juan Islands house the greatest concentration of bald eagles in the contiguous US. The islands are rich with wildlife, so there are more natural sights to look forward to other than whales. The islands house other species like river otters, black-tailed deer, harbor seals, and herons.

The San Juan Islands offer hundreds of docks and harbors along with peaceful and solid entertainment which makes it a perfect boating destination for travelers all over the world.

Boat-friendly regulations, ample water access, availability of waterfront house, a variety of boating opportunities and water sports, thousands of quality fresh seafood, perfect weather, and lifestyle of boaters have made the United States heaven of boating destination. Whether you are traveling with your family or with a larger group or just riding solo, US is an ideal boating destination for all travelers.

The diverse natural features of the US offers a variety of water bodies and boating spots for anglers and sailors or parasailers. Even the dry, vast land of the mountain areas and Midwest provide incredible waterways and boating spots for the travelers who wish to satiate their need for open water, fresh seafood, and other water sports.

95,000 miles of coastline and thousands of lakes have earned the United States the right to be the best boating destination for mariners who seek to escape the bustling city to find their next great adventure.

No matter what you wanna do on your boating trip, US boating spots offer ample options for fishing, sightseeing, outdoor adventures, watersports, camp or just leisurely ride through the coastal area. So just pack your bag and go for sailing and enjoy a remarkable journey to America’s top boating destinations.

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